Social Networking

Social media has revamped the entire networking sphere for the good. Since social media has been introduced, people have been able to connect, communicate, and learn across the world. Businesses have discovered a fresh medium for user interaction and communication, thereby aiding in superior user satisfaction and effective brand promotion.

As we are very aware of the critical nature of the social domain, we render our strategic and result-oriented services to our global clientele that matter to us the most. We believe in empowering our clients with groundbreaking technology, in-trend methodologies, and pocket-friendly social media app development services that not only guarantee enhanced user contentment but also form an everlasting bond between the client and their customers. We provide the ideal technology for specific social media platforms, so that our clients can utilize all the business benefits of social media.


Daydreamsoft enables companies to capitalize on the density of interactions between businesses and people. We embed a social dimension in digital experiences by leveraging social media integration, the architecture of participation, social collaboration tools and networking techniques from the start.


We offer a full range of technological solutions to expose your business to massive social media audiences, from simple social login and social media publishing integration to full-sized social CRM solutions for tracking, monitoring and bench marking social media communications


Engage extensive online communities and crowd source ideas with social networking features, shoppable functionality, in-network games and other custom systems for in-network interaction. We also offer development of advanced social media intelligence, user segmentation solutions and back-office engines.


Following a strategy centered on creation of shared value requires a reliable technology core to drive user participation and contribution. Iflexion builds complex co-creation platforms and social networking engines enabling active user participation through add-ons, templates, extensions, skins, or any other services or components.



At Daydreamsoft, we focus to deliver our clients with modern approaches for enhanced user targeting and reach. We understand the dos and don’ts of social media app development helping us to empower our clients with the sweetest state-of-mind.

Social Media Solutions

We understand that every business is different and demand individual solution. Keeping the same in mind, we craft tailored social media solutions for each client independently for a profitable future. Our customer-driven approach helps us to identify goals efficiently and personalize their entire journey because we know social media connections need to be real and real things are hard to come by.

Report Analysis

Figures and numbers are important but only when presented in a right format. Social networks are loaded with content that requires to be classified into graphs, charts and tables for better understanding and decision-making. Covering it well, we provide a competitive advantage to our clients by utilizing modern techniques for extracting the information ‘that matters’.

Privacy Come First

We ensure personal details of the users remain inside a cocoon that’s hard to burst. Delivering quality solutions from many years, we utilize top-notch techniques in achieving this feat so that information is kept safe and secure. We implement expert security procedures to assure app’s security as well as user’s privacy.