SEO Services

In today’s highly competitive world, it is not enough to have a good website to promote your services. It is very essential that your website appears in the top rankings of major search engines. This need has led to the advent of Search engine Optimization or SEO. An SEO friendly website translates to better visibility of the website, thereby bringing in profitable business. Without a search engine optimized site, you may loose out on potential business opportunities.

At Daydreamsoft, we realize the importance of optimizing your website and therefore we keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies in the search engine front so that you can constantly stay ahead of your competitors. Our SEO experts implement excellent optimization techniques to ensure that your website gets high ranking in all the major search engine result pages, thereby maximizing your ROI.


SEO Consulting

To obtain high rankings for your site in major search engines, a careful analysis of your particular domain is necessary. If you feel that you need your site to be optimized and you would like to avail our SEO consulting services, then this is exactly what we will do for you. Adequate research will be done by our SEO team for your site. We will then come up with an exclusive proposal with our recommendations on how you can get to the lead position. And that’s not all!!! We will also advise you on how you can maintain your lead position once you get there.

Keyword Research

To get your site to the top ranking position in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, it is very essential to have the right keywords in your site. Although it might seem like a relatively easy process to determine the right keywords for your site, it is not that simple. It requires a bit of research to come up with the right keywords to optimize your site and we provide excellent services in this area. We have a team of SEO experts who have the aptitude and commitment to find the keywords best suited for your site which will help improve your site’s ranking.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is an essential part of SEO. On page optimization means optimization of the content, keywords, html etc done on the webpage itself to make it more user friendly and search engine friendly. To increase the ranking of your website, it is essential that on page optimization be done continuously and we can definitely help you with that.

Directory Submission

Directory Submission is an effective way of building incoming links to your website. Having good quality incoming links in your website always help you to improve your search engine rankings and increases your websites visibility. At Daydreamsoft, our SEO specialists submit your sites manually to relevant directories which will ensure higher quality of your incoming links. This is a relatively simple method of increasing your web presence and we can definitely help you to do it in a very cost effective manner.

Article Submission

Article Submission is an effective article marketing technique which involves publishing articles which have your name or your company’s name in the by link on different websites simultaneously with the intent of getting free promotion for your web site and links pointing to your site. This is an easy method of popularizing your company because when people see your company’s name in various articles published by a number of websites, they are more likely to remember your company’s name thereby creating a brand-name recognition for your company.

Link Building

Link Building is vital in increasing the ranking of your website. However, this can be quite tricky and if not done in the proper manner it can be harmful for your site. Although this can be time consuming process, at Daydreamsoft we adopt professional practices to make sure that relevant traffic is driven to your website.


Pay Per Click or PPC is a form of internet marketing in which the visitors are directed to an advertiser’s website after clicking on an advertisement. The advantage of PPC is that the advertisers need to pay its host only when their advertisement links are clicked. Normally the advertisers bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market.

This is an affordable way of advertising your site and increasing the rankings of your website. However if you need to take advantage of this marketing technique properly, you need to carefully bid on relevant search phrases. At Daydreamsoft, we guarantee that we will manage your PPC accounts so that you need not worry about all the time-consuming details for kick-starting your campaigns. As our team has experienced professionals, we do enough research in this area to maximize your ROI and increase your internet visibility.


SMO is yet another search engine marketing method of utilizing social media activity for attracting visitors to your website. Here are different techniques involved in SMO. These include adding RSS feeds and social news to the content, blogging, participating in discussion groups etc. If you are interested in directing more traffic to your site using this method, we will definitely utilize our expertise in the field and help you to increase the traffic being directed to your website.


Increase Popularity of the Website: We increase the popularity of your website through various SEO techniques. This in turn will increase the viewership of your website and hence will be effective marketing tool.

Increase in Profits: By using our SEO techniques and services, you can increase your business profits as our SEO services will increase the ranking of your websites in search engines like Google. Hence more and more people around the globe will become aware of your product and this will in turn help you generate better revenue for your business