Regression Testing

Regression testing is performed whenever an application undergoes a change. The change may be the result of an enhancement or a defect fix. However, it is essential to ensure that the change has not introduced any new defects in the application. Since we are living in an age where technology advances occur at a very high rate, upgrading of existing applications becomes inevitable for withstanding competition in the market.

Our regression testing service offering is a unique blend of best-in-class scientific methods and algorithms. At Daydreamoft, we make sure that your application is completely stable and of high quality by performing a series of robust regression tests once any change is made to the application. We guarantee that you will no longer be hesitant to make changes or update your application once we conduct regression tests on your updated software. We provide test Automation Services designed to assist you through the entire process of automating your test methodology. Our regression testing services ensure that the reported product defects are corrected for each new release and that no new quality problems were introduced in the maintenance process. Our automated software regression testing tools make your regression testing faster, more reliable and save you money.


  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of quality assurance applications
  • Highly maintainable test bas
  • Earlier verification of desired application functionality and behavior.
  • Streamlined test process with higher proportion
  • Reduce time and cost