Project Communication Strategy

Each one of us at Daydreamsoft believe that communication builds the trust required to form a strong and successful relationship, be it with clients, with partners or among teammates. That said, we create a high-level communication management plan that includes being able to effectively listen to client’s requirements, act on feedback, present the issues and foster harmony on the whole.


We carefully listen to the client’s project needs and plan and then move ahead for starting development. We offer the project SRS with our website development team to point by point analysis, research, reality findings, and design workflow configuration to comprehend the requirement and scope of the task.

After the venture agreement, kickoff meeting between teams and clients need aid booked on talk about key project deliverables, the procedure with a will to be followed, project scope, time involvement, resource billing Also payment methods. Our business Analyst master will organize a client meeting with those committed project manager and team members who would setting off on a chance to be included for.

Our team members uphold clarity, succinctness with more accuracy of the majority of the information and conversation. 

To avoid complexities and confusions, we administer an absolute side of the point from claiming correspondence also guarantee reasonable and more viable association. The information and majority of the data are centralized also are made sure that it not easily accessed. However, a client can contact any singular team member handling any particular issues.

We use Skype, Email, Messengers, and Phone calls to interact with our national and international clients. We encourage live meetings, video and audio conference calls, instant messaging and emails. Both written and verbal communication methods are used appropriately as and when required.

we acutely and concisely document the project detail, and accomplish it and make it easily accessible for everyone’s reference on aggregate folders or project communication tools such as Jira so that all people involved in the project accretion insights in the present state of the project workflow.

We understand that project details and client information are highly sensitive. All team members working at DayDreamSoft are bound to keep the information within the office, and made liable to privacy policy contract.

We use modern project management tools like Jira, GitLab and Hubstaff to increase the work efficiency and accessibility among all involved- client, team leaders and team members.

We also face challenges and issues during the development phase, but our team’s best component is that we immediately inform to the Project Manager and client. We work on finding the solution, without wasting any time by shying away or hiring the problems.

We believe that general survey to fill in, is vital and will look after the personal satisfaction of the client. As stated by client’s comfort and project requirement, we schedule meetings on weekly or fortnightly basis.

Accurate and up to date documentation makes your components, applications, web services, schemas and databases easier to use and maintain. Our documentation methodology incorporates procedures, feedback, and consolidation of all resource to guarantee not difficult sharing and references. Significantly those mails and skype chats are safeguarded preserved for any future communication

we send a project status report to the client to share what has been developed and what’s pending and to know the feedback and any changes if required in between.

we send an undertaking status report card of the customer to impart the thing that need been produced and what’s pending and to recognize the input and any progressions whether needed in between.

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