A Cybersecurity Posture Assessment can be a helpful initial step for any association that needs to distinguish where they’re at, what they’re missing and what they have to do to build their network safety development level. It can assist associations with fortifying their network safety protections by giving a solid network protection guide.

What is a Cybersecurity Posture Assessment?

A Cybersecurity Posture Assessment provides an overall view of the organization’s internal and external security posture by integrating all the facets of cybersecurity into only one comprehensive assessment approach. It is meant to help organizations define where they’re at in terms of their cybersecurity posture, what gaps they’re currently facing and what steps they need to take to improve their cybersecurity posture going forward.

Unlike a penetration test or a standard information security audit, a Cybersecurity Posture Assessment will provide C-Level Executives with clarity and direction in terms of their organization’s cybersecurity posture to maximize the ROI of their security-related expenses. It will help design and develop an appropriate cybersecurity roadmap within an overall security program and business continuity planning (BCP).

More specifically, it helps organizations assess and improve their cybersecurity posture by:

Identifying and managing the value of their data

Defining the cyber risks and threat exposure of their data

Evaluating whether appropriate, reliable and efficient security measures are in place

Recommending a concrete action plan (a ‘cybersecurity roadmap’) to better control their exposure and strengthen cybersecurity defenses

 Cybersecurity Posture Assessment is usually based on four (4) principal assumptions:

1.Organizations need to know the importance of what they have and why they need to protect it

2.Organizations need to know where they stand

3.Organizations need to know where they need to go and what they need to do in order to get there

4.Organizations need to know how to keep the momentum of security