Shopify Is Best Platform for The E-commerce

Shopify is an internet business stage that hosts more than 165,000 online stores. It happens to be the most prevalent facilitated shopping basket because of its adaptability, effortlessness, and reasonableness. Things being what they are, is shopify useful for making an online store?

The appropriate response is very basic for the large portion of us. By and by, I feel that shopify is a standout amongst other web-based business stages that is anything but difficult to set up and can satisfy the requirements of most online stores. Clearly, this may shift, contingent upon your requirements and individual inclination.

For what reason is shopify best?

Here are the advantages of utilizing shopify to make an online business store:

Straightforward, however viable, store arrangement process for a brisk store setup and dispatch.

The shopping basket is intensely valued, enabling you to keep a greater amount of your benefits.

Worked in highlights to satisfy a large portion of your essential store capacities – advertising, modifying, stock, and so forth.

A broad rundown of outside applications for extra store highlights.

Boundless activity to your online store. Some facilitated trucks really constrain this.

There are not exchange expenses when you utilize their in-house Mastercard preparing administration.

A full, coordinated blogging stage is incorporated with each arrangement. Web journals are perfect for improving and advancing your online store.

Highlights the relinquished truck recuperation instrument. This apparatus is known for expanding transformations.

Incorporates with a portion of the best email showcasing administrations.

The accessibility of an all day, every day specialized help group. Their specialized help group is accessible through the live visit, telephone, and email ticketing.

The capacity to attempt shopify for nothing for 14 days.

To see shopify advantages and disadvantages or to take in more about their shopping basket, read my top to bottom shopify survey.

Shopify Pricing

One reason why I think shopify is great as a result of their moderate designs. Their designs are additionally adaptable and will offer an extensive variety of spending plans.

Tips For E-commerce Website Design

Good e-commerce web design is crucial for turning website visitors into customers. Ideally, the design of your website should make the purchase process as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible. No matter how good your online advertisements are, you could be losing valuable customers if your website is not optimized for sales.You could also be wasting your valuable ad dollars if visitors click off of your site the second, they get to it.

Use Good Quality Images

e-Commerce is all about purchasing a product online. Therefore, most of the time the online customer does not get to see and touch the product until it is delivered. This is why it is important to include high quality images of your products as you can.If you include a lot of quality photos, it will help you to attract more business. Therefore, it is crucial to design a product page layout. You can opt for a product slide show or tiled thumbnails. Whatever option you choose, make sure you have quality images on the site – blurry or pix-elated images will only put people off your site.

Make Easy Checkout Process

There is one thing that can really irritate customers of an eCommerce website and that is complicated, long checkout pages!  Customers will be very annoyed if they have to spend valuable time filling in your checkout page with needless information or having to go through a drawn-out process.  They just want to pay for the product that they have picked out.One step checkout page is much more beneficial to eCommerce sites, as it makes it as easy as possible for people to pay for goods.  Ultimately, this is in your best interest.  The easier you make it for people to actually pay you, the more likely they will be to come back again.


You should consider using on-page SEO techniques on your eCommerce website in order to build a successful business. This is vital to helping you drive traffic to your site by ranking well for certain keywords and key phrases that are related to your products.  If people search Google for a product you offer, you want to be appearing as high as possible on the first page of the SERPs. SEO is something that can be provided by a skilled affordable web design team if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Without proper optimization, your commercial site cannot do business effectively.

Navigation Menu

Menu bars allow users to easily navigate the pages of your website to find what they are looking for. The menu should appear across all pages for maximum ease, preferably across the top of the page. Sometimes, menu bars are vertical along the left side of the page to still accommodate the format. Just be careful not to load up your menu with too many options, as this can appear cluttered and confusing. If you have a lot of different categories and pages on your website, you can use a drop-down menu to more easily organize them without causing a sensory overload.

If Items Are Out Of Stock, Make It Clear

When you are running your eCommerce store, make sure to keep on top of your stock numbers. It is beneficial to keep all of your products permanently on your site for SEO, instead of removing them when stock runs out and then uploading them again when resupplied.If products do run out of stock, make sure to clearly let your customers know. If you fail to do this, you will have to apologize to your customers when they complain after they have ordered something.

Make The Shopping Cart Visible

More advanced online shoppers will not want to be sent straight to the basket page if they add an item. Therefore, it is important that the basket is visible on every page of the site. many designers like to use the side bar for this, but I find that clogs valuable promotion area. Think of the basket as the search bars partner in crime. They both need to be on every page so look for a way to incorporate them together for a clean looking site. A basket must also contain more information than simply how many items are in it. Consider using thumbnails of the products to add a bit of life to the basket.

Keep The 'Add To Cart' Visible

You should consider using on-page SEO techniques on your eCommerce website in order to build a successful business. This is vital to helping you drive traffic to your site by ranking well for certain keywords and key phrases that are related to your products.  If people search Google for a product you offer, you want to be appearing as high as possible on the first page of the SERPs. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is something that can be provided by a skilled affordable web design team if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Without proper optimization, your commercial site cannot do business effectively.

Magento SEO Tips For High Ranking

Magento has changed the way we sell products online. With availability of so many features, it has helped store owners represent their products in a more effective way. In order to make the stores more visible to potential consumers, there are many techniques within Magento to enhance store rankings in search engines. Since most buyers believe in organic results, enhancing SEO is the best way to improve your website and increase visibility in search engines. Below are the set of techniques which can help you to improve SEO functionalities of your Magento store so that potential customers can find your store with ease.

301 Redirects For Disabled Products

When a product is out of stock, the product is usually removed from the listing. When users reach those products from a search engine, the product page will throw a 404 – Not found error page, which causes a bad user experience. Redirecting users to a different product page that has replaced the specific product is a good idea from an SEO viewpoint as well as a customer outlook. This will also help preserve search positioning and at least maintain any link juice it was passing to the website. Thus, it is always good to go with a 301 redirect.

Multi-Store Magento Implementations

In a multi-store Magento implementation, and distinctively if you are selling the identical product on multiple sites, it’s going to be complicated when it comes to SEO. Taking into account that you are hosting it on the same server, it would also come under the same IP block. The product descriptions, titles and Meta descriptions also get disorganized. When you decide to use multiple stores and develop your CMS in Magento (or any other ecommerce platform for that matter), make sure that you maintain unique product descriptions, Meta titles and Meta tags. 

URL Rewrites

Enabling URL re-writes in Magento is particularly useful for product category pages. Using related and high-quality keywords in the URLs for your category pages will definitely help your search engine efforts at a later stage. Analyse your keywords page wisely and use the most effective ones in the URLs.

Mata Data

There are three types of Meta data to consider. The Meta Title which will be seen at the top of your customer’s browser. The Meta Keywords which are not included in ranking factors, however is still good practice to include them. Meta Descriptions are included by Google (sometimes) in little snippets in search results pages. This means that you are better off writing the Meta data for all your web pages with relevant keywords and descriptions for your pages. Go to catalogue > Manage Products. Click the product you want to edit, click “Meta Information” on the left and edit the “Meta Title” field. You can set the Meta Information for the “Default Values” and for each “Store View”. Note that for the “Meta Title”, this will overwrite the complete page title, including categories. This does not include the title prefix, suffix and product name. 

Site Map

Creating an XML site map is one of the most effective methods to help Google bots crawl your site efficiently. The essential content of the website gets instantly recognized and indexed by Google. It’s like providing a walk through to your website for the Google crawlers or any other search engine for that matter. For Magento, you get an built-in feature to create site maps for your store

Google Analytics

Magento also comes with an option for Google Analytics integration. You can enable it to get SEO statistics for your online store. Though Magento is an effective E-commerce platform, it requires definite tweaks for making it well-suited for search engines. Thus, a structured platform with enhanced SEO techniques will enable to achieve profitability for your E-commerce business.

Create Search Friendly URLs

One of the most significant downsides with ecommerce is how many pages you have to create, optimize, and edit on a regular basis. That can lead to some pretty gnarly URLs if you’re not careful. And in turn, that can impact your SEO. Magento isn’t immune to this issue, and can at times exacerbate it.When you’re building a URL structure, the most prominent element that impacts your SEO is the path that follows your domain name.If this isn’t keyword optimized, or if it’s too jumbled and confusing, Google and other search engines won’t know how to analyse it.That means you could be losing traffic from poorly optimized URLs, which is never good. The only solution is to implement a strategy to make them perfect.

For Magento in particular, it’s recommended to take a three-tiered approach:

Category pages:

Sub-category page:

Product page:

If you keep this structure throughout your site, Google will always be able to tell what your page should be about and crawl it appropriately. The same goes for any content marketing you do as well.


10 Benefits Of Using Joomla CMS Framework

Free Of Cost

Unlike commercial CMS solutions that offers different versions depending upon the pre-defined budget, Joomla! is available in one ”all encompassing” version and that too free of cost. Also, it offers a long range of add-ons, that is, currently around 4800 in number.

Open Source

As an open source CMS, Joomla is available at free of cost. It isn’t the price that issues yet the benefits of using open source programming are colossal. Open source network helps in a constant change of this software executing it more strong, secure and easy to use. This open source system is unreservedly accessible and can be used again. There are steady security updates accessible which make it exceptionally reliable. Joomla remains updated often with all the intense versions.

Time Saving

Making website with Joomla! always saves time. It has an easy to use control panel. You may edit text online, add images and set keywords. It also gives the power to edit menu items in real time. It is easy to prepare a whole new section of a website, and once it is set to be launched, you need to go to Menu Manager and publish it.


Joomla! is designed to be easy in installation and set up, even if you’re not an advanced user. Since it is so easy to use, being a web designer or a developer, you can quickly make websites for your clients. It would require just a minimal duration of instruction session with your clients to empower them to easily manage their websites themselves.

Access To Advanced Functionality

Joomla! has a long range of plug-ins that add to the functionality of the core program. These plug-ins include special complexities that cost a lot to develop for a HTML site. You can add shopping cart, image galleries, videos, bullet in boards, Blogs, directories & hundreds of other features. If we look at the design part in Joomla, to serve this purpose, there are hundreds of Joomla! templates available which are very easy to customize. It cannot be denied that Joomla website designs are quite beautiful. That is why, Joomla! is considered to be designer’s friend.

Continuous Development

The Joomla! project team endeavours to make Joomla! even better. That is why, they come with one or the other improvement after every 15-20 days. Recently, they have come up with Joomla 1.6 beta 5. Many bugs and issues are fixed up in each new version providing Joomla developers with a more refined platform to the to work with. It can be simply upgraded and enhanced in the next better coming versions.


Joomla is a furnished CMS with SEO favourable highlights to make the site rank high on a web crawler and it expands the discoverability of the site. Joomla assists in making search engine reliable URLs. By empowering the formation of search friendly URL, take a stab at having a superior ranking on web crawlers which prompts added traffic on the website. It helps to edit or update the Meta tags or Meta description of a web page to rank high on the web indexes. This does Joomla websites to be favoured via web crawlers.

ECommerce Is Made Easy With Joomla:

On the off chance that there is a web-based business organization that is as yet finding of which CMS to settle on, well, there needn’t consider any longer. Joomla is an eCommerce related CMS that offers numerous functionalities made particularly for e-com. For instance, a client can undoubtedly deal with the products and their content without switching over tabs to carry out the activity. At that point, there are some 3rd party components that keep running inside the Joomla like Virtuemart. It gives a few alternatives like Google Checkout and Paypal, product management, payment gateway, and shipping. The topside is that it’s exceptionally easy to using, much like Joomla’s other eCommerce business arrangements. These segments are preferably suited to an organization that has a business awareness online and might want to add a shopping cart framework to their current Joomla! What’s more, as is dependably the case, Joomla CMS intends to get possess set of amazing eCommerce extensions.

Frontend Editing

We can’t think of many CMSs that allow frontend editing. Joomla does. Frontend editing means editing content on the website itself – for example, if you’re logged in to the website (and of course, you have the right permissions) and you see a page that needs editing, then you can edit it directly without going to the backend. This is an important feature especially for those Joomla website owners who have little Internet experience/knowledge. Note that this feature currently only works for articles – custom modules and other content still need to be edited from the backend.

Security Updates

Open Source Matters releases security updates whenever any maintained version of Joomla is reported to have a security issue. These security updates ensure that Joomla websites all over the world run smoothly and securely. As you can see, the reasons for using Joomla are many, and it’s very clear that any business, whether small or large, can benefit from the power of this CMS.


Effective SEO Tips For E-commerce Website


Finding the right keywords is the key to rank your ecommerce website. Take the time to do some in-depth keyword researches to pick the ones that suit your activity. Long-tail keywords can really help you rank high on specific niches where your competitors are not already. Those keywords can really attract the kind of traffic you are looking for and increase your conversion rate. Think in terms of user queries. People are quite specific and type conversational queries where they are looking for something. You need to think your keywords in terms of user’s search intents.


Using anchor text to boost your SEO is a good solution. Your e-commerce website is for sure full of links pointing to your pages and you need to optimize your anchor to maximize their potential. You need to make them looks natural with anchors like “here” but you can also use strategic keywords you want to rank for. Obviously, you must not use the same keywords for all your anchor texts in order to avoid being penalized by Google. Including important keyword links in your product descriptions can also lead the visitors to similar products pages you want to push.


Duplicate content can seriously be an enemy when it comes to e-commerce website. Ecommerce websites particularly meet this issue because they deal with a lot of product descriptions. And these descriptions are often given by a seller – seller which can distributes those products to different websites. It results that e-commerce websites display product descriptions that appear on many different websites. Also, filter and category options can lead to duplicate content issues because those filters create different URLs with the same content. To know how to fix these issues you can refer to our article on the subject.


Like compelling headlines, catchy product descriptions have a great impact on your conversion rate. That’s why you should avoid using manufacturer’s product descriptions. Keep them unique and appealing with relevant keywords to make them more Google friendly.


Ecommerce stores relies on images. They are a sale’s triggering factor. Your images must be highly qualitative, compelling and unique. But having great images is not enough especially if you want bots to find them. Images have a great SEO potential as Google Images’ search results can drive a lot of traffic back to your website.
Make sure you filled out the ALT tag, a description where you can add valuable and unique keywords.


URLs are more important for your SEO than they seem to be. Optimized URLs can really help search engines’ bots to find and crawl your website and know what it is about. Proper URLs structures then also ease your website indexation. On the other hand, efficient URLs can inform your visitors what you page is going to be about and improve their experience. Moreover, a good user experience keeps your audience longer on your website. It represents additional chances to convert them into customers. Don’t only think your SEO for search engines but also in terms of user experience!


While growing your traffic is a thing, converting these visits into sales is another. You need to check if your regular visitors are turning into paid customers. Google Analytics is a good help to analyse your traffic and spot points of improvements. You can thus determine from where you traffic comes from, the devices used, the personas most likely to convert, conversions generated through SEO, etc.


Make your site navigation easy. The worse mistake would be to not offer a clear navigation path. Don’t forget to link to your product pages from your home page and to offer relevant landing pages. This will also help bots to crawl your website.


You want to offer the best experience possible to your visitors. Clicking on a specific page and landing on a “Page 404 Not Found” is surely not the result you were expecting. That’s why having broken links is a terrible idea. You should then run regular crawls to detect whether you have 404 issues. Having a lot of them can be a disaster for your business.


Choose WordPress Theme

Make A List of Requirements

Before beginning your quest for an elegant WordPress theme, it’s better to make a list of whatever your needs. That is what are the most vital facets which you want on your website. It is the best way to select the right WordPress theme. You can ask yourself some questions which are listed below.

  1. What type of website you want?
  2. Do you want that blog will be included in your website?
  3. What is the aspiration of your website?
  4. Which type of customization do you require on your website?
  5. What do you want your future website to be best known for?

Select A Theme That Akin to Your Content

Your website should be up to date as per your visitor’s notion. Whichever theme you will select should make your customers available with the impeccable elements and eye-catching visuals, fulfils their notion. Consider, if you are a photographer then your centrepieces will be glittering pictures. If you are a blogger then your focus will be on writing.

Simplicity Is Best

If you select simple and neat design, then you are able to represent your content in an uncluttered manner. Vice versa if you select a convoluted theme then it will not be appealing for your visitors. It’s better to select a minimalist theme it will keep users hook up with your website for a long. In simple themes, people can focus on the main thing which is “content” of your website.

Colour Selection Is Crucial

Selection of right colour is much important. As it can make or break your website. Colours play an important role in changing our mood. Just imagine a website with a gaudy look and bright colours. It will be so disappointing, am I right? Instead of this, consider a website with mild colours, it will give an eye-soothing look to your website. So, always keep in mind while selecting a theme that it will provide you with many colour options. Hence, you can change colour as per your choice.

Vital Aspect – Future Readiness

It is no doubt that with the passage of time you come up with new needs and requirements. So, this aspect is one of the key factors to select right WordPress themes. The theme you select will be proficient enough to fulfill all your future needs. It is a plausibility that there is a function which you not need currently. But, in the near future you may need it. Your theme should not be obsolete very soon, it will be impeccable to adapt to future needs.

Better to Go for Lightweight Themes

These days you are made available with a variety of themes. But some are feature-heavy themes and some are light-weight themes. It is always best to go for lightweight themes. As it takes less time in loading as compare to heavy-featured themes. Fast loading speed website will augment user experience noticeably. You are also aware of a fact that visitors will bounce off to any other website. In cases where the website they have requested for loads slower. Fast loading websites will also affect conversion rates and traffic rate of your website.

Responsive Design

Nowadays, a majority of people prefer to use mobile for browsing the web. So, it is must that your website be responsive. According to some surveys it is found that the ratio of people who are using mobile for browsing is increasing. It not only enhances user experience but also improves search rankings of your website. Therefore, it is recommended to select responsive themes to design your website.

SEO Friendly Design

Almost all the themes of WordPress is SEO friendly. If you want good search results of your website then adopting a SEO friendly theme is necessary. If you designed a website with a theme which is not SEO friendly then all your backbreaking work will fritter. To maintain your existence in this creaky competition, top rankings are prerequisite for any website. So, it is always preferable to opt for SEO friendly theme.

Cost Of The Theme

Almost everyone is aware of the fact, there are two types of themes provided by WordPress. One is premium (paid themes) and another is free themes. Premium themes are provided with various customization options and updates. Support is also provided by the developers if you buy premium themes. But, with free themes, you do not get all the latest features and you can customize it to a limit. One advantage of free themes is that you need not pay anything. But I would suggest opting for premium themes as it will be more beneficial. As with premium themes you get a variety of features bundled up with it.

WordPress Real Power – Plugins

Plugins play an important role in WordPress websites. We can also say that WordPress websites are nothing without plugins. With the use of plugins, you can add various features and functionality to your WordPress website. You can make your website more impeccable in each aspect with the installation of various plugins. For example, you can use SEO plugins to improve search rankings, cache plugins to make your website speed faster etc. So, your theme must support obligatory plugins which are necessary for website good performance.

It’s Best to Have Support

It is plausible that while designing your website you may be mayhem. So, it will be great if your theme developer is providing you support. If you are facing qualm then instead of solving things on your own you can contact your theme developer and can get your doubts solved. Most of the theme developers provided 24/7 support. But, in most cases support is not provided for free themes. So, if you want to select the right WordPress theme then you have to keep in mind to buy premium theme. And, along with support is also provided.

Flexibility and Customization Options

You will need to tweak your template in some way in order to bring a personalized feel to your website. Depending on templates only, without much of your own original input, will never make your website stand out among thousands of site competitors using the same template. It is with this in mind that template developers provide options for customization. Some provide users with countless customization options, while others do not allow you many options to change specific elements of your website.

If you are not much of a developer, you may feel that more flexibility makes website building more complicated and may choose to select limited customization options instead. However, you need to keep an eye on the future. In the long run, you may need to add non-default elements to your site and only flexible customization options will make it possible to do so.


Choose WordPress Development Company

With so many things to consider, it is important to have a list of criteria that you can use when selecting an expert WordPress development agency for your next project.

Web Strategy

An expert WordPress company should offer up a clear strategy that will give your business a strong presence and make it trustworthy. A good site will convert your visitors into valuable customers.

What to do? First of all, you have to ask your WordPress development agency to explain their methodology in detail. Verify that the technique has the capacity to achieve your objectives. The methodology needs to outline when the project will be done, its deadline, and whether it will stay in budget.

Look Beyond the Portfolio

Do not forget to ask questions about the portfolio of the WordPress development agency. Did the website developer do the entire job? Maybe an outsider did the design and constructed it, but converted it in WordPress. Did they design the site? Maybe the design was their work, but another person developed the site. There’s nothing wrong with both of these situations, they happen all the time as website developers often collaborate on activities. However, knowing the answers to these question puts the portfolio into perspective.


Do not forget to ask about who might be taking care of your project.

Everybody has heard the stories of the “inaccessible” WordPress development agency.  So, make sure that you get a telephone number, not only an email address. Ask the agency what the turnaround time is for messages. Keep in mind that if you need emergency changes, you should have the capacity to contact with the agency as soon as possible.

Time Commitment

The website of the company should be up and run in some time. It is known in the online world that anything that misses the time frame has to face serious repercussions.

The time commitment of the business is thus required for every business owner to know how long the development company will take to get the website online.

This is a long phase but a dissection of the same should be made to show what the progress that one should look at is.

The development company will require information from time to time and the business owners should clearly define the requirements at this stage to ensure that the same is received at the time of delivery.


The factor is very critical to the success of the business website and hence the business. The responsiveness of the development company to the needs is the first step in the process, the question how rapidly did the firm react to the request is correct to pose to find out the reality.

How often do they respond to the calls and queries make and how long does it take to get back on any request? The firms should be responsive to the clients and if they are not responsive then they should not be your choice.

If they are not responsive now then it is very likely that they will not be responsive to the later needs. The website will require assistance later when it is life and thus the owner should be very careful in making this decision.


The whole website creation revolves around the budget. It is stated that it should not be the only deciding factor but there is no denying the fact that it is an important factor.

The cost could be huge when one is using a web development company to get the work done. Now the important question is, is it worth it? The users should realize that any company that has a huge success rate with developing successful and useful websites will come with a cost.

The buyers should then compare it with the revenue or benefit they will enjoy from using the website. If the revenues are enough then the cost will not be a problem, but if you are small businesses who are not likely to enjoy as much revenue then you will have to think before investing with such web development company.


Why Developers Choose Laravel Platform

The open source scripting language has a number of specialized features and has compatibility with both Unix based and Windows operating systems. PHP offers many benefits and helps developers in creating exceptional quality websites. Most of the website developers today prefer Laravel framework over other platforms for website development. The durability, speed and ease of creation are just few reasons why PHP Development has undergone a phenomenal change. Few reasons why developers choose this platform are:

Quick loading

The Laravel PHP framework loads in just a few seconds. Booting errors are extremely rare for this framework. The Vagrant modules consist of simple file sets that efficiently function on all operating systems. The Laravel framework also allows you to set a function very quickly.

Free Open Source

The Laravel PHP platform is an open source one and allows the freedom to create a number of complex applications. The simple flow of codes provides convenience to website developers in maintaining codes. The open source frameworks also allow development of massive applications.

Availability of Default Ports

Laravel PHP makes it simple to manage databases as the framework by default opens all popular ports. Transferring data to the host server can be completed with great speed. The Laravel PHP framework allows databases like MYSQL and Postgres to function efficiently and smoothly.

Weightless Templates

Websites which are dynamic often require lightweight contents and codes. The powerful JS codes, CSS and widgets included in Laravel make it easy for web developers to develop amazing layouts which have dynamic contents.

Exceptional Configuration and Modules

The multi-supported Laravel platform makes it easy to adapt to any environment depending upon the running applications requirements. The Laravel framework integrates multiple libraries which make it a modular, convenient, responsive, and reliable framework.

Built-in Functions

The Laravel PHP framework consists of numerous built-in functions for better functioning of applications. the codes are clean, rational and transparent.


Benefits of Drupal Development for Your Website

Open Source:

The whole software is open source that means free! A large number of themes are free, that means it helps many businesspersons to reduce cost on web development significantly.


Drupal is highly customizable as compared to other CMS which is an advantage of Drupal website development that you can’t ignore! It is customizable in terms of all the feature it has, operations, layouts and designs. This makes the developer’s first choice of choosing this platform because it allows them to customize the layouts as per client’s requirements.

Facilitates Rapid Deployment:

After going live on the web, companies can change or customize the site after deployment according to feedbacks and business requirements, because Drupal truly uses “Web 2.0” style. Drupal enables the companies to deploy all the core features and functionalities rapidly. It’s another major advantage of Drupal website development that you can’t ignore for sure!

Enterprise-class Software:

 Developers can easily and readily integrate it with other applications like SAP, phpBB, etc, all possible because Drupal is an enterprise-class CMS. It is enterprise-class CMS in terms of scalability (You can use it for huge or small organizations), this platform is really flexible, more reliable, easily manageable, no compromise on security and it have all resources that you need.

API Support:

All types of social sites custom modules can be made by using these well-documented API including Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, Google Analytics, YouTube etc. It’s another major advantage of Drupal development that you can’t ignore for sure!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the most important ingredient of online marketing strategies, Drupal help and enables companies to come forward with their SEO-Friendly websites. Drupal platform have a great flexibility of displaying the content that search engine likes and makes your content on top searches. That means more traffic to your site!

Mobile Ready:

Many people nowadays use smart devices over other computational machines more. Thus, this opens the doors for new marketing platform for companies. Drupal is mobile ready platform that means it provides the flexibility to the developers so that they can make the site useable by smartphone users and they can view the site same as a desktop user do. This feature is reliable for small businesses so that they can generate more and more leads. Having a Mobile-ready feature in a platform is the real advantage of Drupal website development that you can’t ignore.


Important of User Experience

Importance of user experience is often overlooked in the whole design process. Visual design is mostly taking the primate, and it is clear why. It’s what people see first when they land on your web or download the mobile app. And that directly influence how customers think of your company. What can be more important?

However, one is sure – there is no use of good-looking web or app if everything is not working flawlessly, and more important if people don’t enjoy while using it. Importance of user experience (UX) is significant because it will bring necessary balance.

What is User Experience?

User experience is the general experience of the person when browsing your website or mobile app. It’s the emotion, intuition and connection that user feels when interacting with your (digital) product.

Well, it is clear that you can’t control people’s reactions, but you can surely do all that is in your power to indulge them and make those reactions positive.

User experience involves designing and planning experience and creating a workflow for the users. It mainly refers to how smooth or pleasing web or app (or anything else) is to use.

Pay attention to how fast the site load, is it easy to navigate, how simple users can accomplish their goals, is your product responsive to mobile and tablet devices. All this matter more than you can imagine.

When to Start Thinking About User Experience?

It’s never too early to start thinking about the importance of user experience.

UX will, for sure, make everything more cumbersome at the start of a project. You can’t just decide to build a website and do it. The process is far more complicated than that. There are a lot of research and planning to figure out what you need and want, where every detail should go and what should it mean.

Remember, every aspect of your product affects the user experience – fonts, colours or button placement. Because of that, user experience should be an integral part of design process, from early concepts to the final product.

Digital user experience encompasses all aspects of interaction with your product. Some of them are controllable by developers and designers, but some of them are environmental or just matter of someone’s preference. These factors include accessibility, usability, performance, aesthetics, ergonomics, utility, marketing and overall human interaction.

Importance of User Experience for Your Business

Customer satisfaction often determines business success. Every company depends on users enjoying their products and services. physical or virtual, product should cause an emotional and intellectual response in its consumer. It is not always about how something looks or works; it is also about how it feels.

The number of businesses that start to recognise the importance of user experience as part of their digital marketing strategy is increasing. They are aware of the fact that the first ten seconds people spend on their web or in the app are the crucial ones. In that short time, users check the website, see if is it user-friendly, is the company trustworthy and decide would they stay or move on.

If users are pleased with your product, that will increase conversions and sales. Increased conversion means that all of the money you invested in establishing excellent user experience will return in measurable value for your business. If people are regularly returning to your web, it means that they are becoming loyal buyers. And that is a closed circle that every business aspires.